Chameleon is a contemporary thriller about big money, high ambition, and low morals. Only an insider could tell a story exposing the financial world’s vanity and greed in a way both thought-provoking and eye opening.
Financial adventurer Jon Phillips has worked his way up to the very top of one of Wall Street’s largest investment banks as its head bond trader. He is living the American dream in the heart of New York’s decadent banking community, but after years of selfishness and extravagance he begins to yearn for a change that will help him rediscover his roots and lost identity. He is planning his exit through an unprecedented, complex and ultimately fraudulent deal in the US government bond market that will financially secure his future. The trade is one of the largest ever seen on Wall Street. Unbeknownst to Jon, a high-ranking colleague, who sits on the bank’s main board, has teamed up with a Russian financier in order to provide Jon with one of the key elements vital to the success of his ingenious scheme. 
The deal goes spectacularly wrong and Jon’s world subsequently collapses. As the Russians desperately attempt to recover their lost millions, Jon is thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse. From the seedy nightspots of downtown New York City to the plush yacht clubs of the Hamptons, the venerable country houses of England, and the endless beaches of Southern Australia, past lovers, new menaces, and a number of apparently accidental deaths line his trail. Jon’s survival now depends on his ability to put the past behind him and become a calculated predator instead of the vulnerable prey.